Charitable Projects


In addition to his commitment to public service, Eric Gertler has devoted considerable time to various charitable projects and endeavors. Through his leadership at the Zuckerman Family Office, Eric has focused on projects within Israel, programs to support leadership, advances in basic scientific research, and projects that contribute to civic engagement, particularly in New York City. Here are just a few of the initiatives he supports:

Zuckerman STEM Scholar Program
This program was established in 2015 to achieve the philanthropic vision of Mortimer B. Zuckerman to enhance the collaboration and communication among the most promising scholars in science, technology, engineering and math, in Israel, the United States and Canada. As of December 2023, the program had supported 271 scholars and had established 44 new science labs in Israel. Read about it in U.S. News & World Report, the Observer, and The Jerusalem Post.

Western Wall Heritage Center
The Center serves as an educational center for individuals and groups coming to the Western Wall. Read more

Zuckerman Harvard Fellowship
This fellowship equips outstanding young individuals from the fields of medicine, law and business to provide leadership for the common good by making it possible for them to pursue public service degrees at the Harvard Kennedy School. Read more

Memorial Sloan Kettering
Support for various initiatives including groundbreaking research into more effective therapies for those impacted by glioblastoma. Read more